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A DOTSbyGemma workbook filled with watercolor inspiration, tips, and examples!

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In my tutorial booklet 'Dive into Dots', I'll take you through my watercolor process. I've received so many questions about my watercolor dots that I've decided to compile the most frequently asked ones into this booklet. Here is a list of things you will definitely find in the booklet:

❤ My favorite materials to work with: paper, brushes and of course my favorite watercolors (and frequently used colors).

❤ Lots of tips and tricks from me, from how to fix mistakes to how to create the perfect circle.

❤The difference between using just one color (with shades) and combining multiple colors.

❤How to create those 'perfect' circles.

❤ The drying process of watercolor (both natural and unnatural ways).

❤ My 'secret weapon' the hairdryer and how to use it to create layers in your watercolor!

❤ And of course, the 'details' cannot be missed, because this wouldn't be a DOTSbyGemma style booklet without at least a few doodles.

❤ Includes 4 short videos where you can see me in action!

Available as an e-book or physical workbook!

Physical workbook:

Size: 21 x 21 cm

Pages: 40

Paper: 90 gsm recycled paper, cover 300 gsm paper.

Format: magazine with staples

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